Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolio FAQ's

1. When do I sell my stock?
A rule of thumb says, when the price of stock drops below 10% of your purchase price or 10% from the maximum value after your acquisition. Typically when a stock starts going down it drops below 10% then it keeps going down until it finds bottom.
2. Why can't I simply set stop loss with my broker instead of setting an alert on SaralStocks?
You must set stop loss with the broker for any stock you own irrespective of whether you set alerts in SaralStocks as these alerts will help you fine tune your decision making. By adding conditional alerts, "when price goes up and volume goes up then .." help you better identify points of interest on stock chart.
3. Why are earnings related alerts important?
Earnings announcement for a stock typically trigger stock price change, either upwards or downwards depending upon multiple factors such as expectation from market, business conditions etc. By being aware in time lets you make better decisions.

Watchlist FAQ's

1. How do I add a stock to the Watchlist?
There are two ways to add a stock to Watchlist.
  1. From stock charts screen when using Research feature, select a symbol from Watchlist Symbols , add a note and click "Add to Watchlist"
  2. Click "Add Symbol" on Watchlist screen. Add details and submit.
2. What does the bell icon next to the symbol indicate?
Alerts are an important feature of SaralStocks. An alert can be triggered for any stock in the portfolio or Watchlist "When any stock in my Portfolio or Watchlist is up by 4% show me an alert". . The user can also set an alert for a specific stock "When Reliance stock is up by 4% show me an alert".
3. What is "Gain Per Session" ?
This indicates gain in percentage for a stock since you added to Watchlist or Portfolio. This helps you quickly determine which stocks have been best in performance for improving (or destroying) your portfolio so you could take action to enhance (in case of improvement) or minimise losses (in case of reducing portfolio).
3. I found a stock that is interesting. How do I get more details about the stock?
Click on the symbol and choose one of the external websites for more research.

Research FAQ's

1. Why is price and volume for a stock important?
Many people study stocks and decide to either buy or sell depending upon price and volume movement. The tool helps you identify stocks that are on the move.
2. How do I find stocks on the move, either up or down?"
You can use preset Research filters such as "1 day high volume 4 pct price growth" to see which stocks are moving upwards on high volume. Similarly by changing "Price Decreased by" value in "Edit Advanced Condition" dialog window you will be able to find stocks that have fallen in the last session. You can make your own filter criteria as well and save for the future.

Set Alert FAQ's

1. What is an alert for portfolio in Portfolio tab?
The user creates rules for individual stocks or a common rule for entire stock portfolio and when such a rule is triggered because of conditions are being met then an alert is shown to the user. An alert can be triggered for any stock in the portfolio or Watchlist like "When any stock in my Portfolio or Watchlist is up by 4% show me an alert". The user can also set an alert for a specific stock "When Reliance stock is up by 4% show me an alert".
2. What kind of alerts can be set for portfolio in Portfolio tab?
  1. Rose From Min Price By Pct - when stock has gained from min price after you started tracking.
  2. Fell From Max Price By Pct - reverse
  3. Price Above
  4. Price Below
  5. Fell After Purchase By Pct
  6. Rose After Purchase By Pct
  7. Volume Up By Pct
  8. Volume Down By Pct
  9. Date Is Past
  10. More Than Percentage
  11. Earning date in next few days

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