In one go, you can see the performance of all stocks in your portfolio. The tab also displays any alerts that may have triggered for specific stocks if set conditions for the same have been met. At the top, you can track how much cash you have invested in stocks, what is your net position (profit/loss) and what amount is further available to invest. The amount available can be modified by add/withdraw functions.
This tab displays stocks on your Watchlist. Add notes to stocks here which will help you quickly take trading decisions (buy/sell/hold) when alerts for the stock(s) triggered. You may choose to include some/all of your portfolio stocks on Watchlist.
On this tab, you view either a Watchlist suggested by SaralStocks team or that of the user who referred you to SaralStocks application if she decides to shares her Watchlist. If you referred clients/friends/etc who are now active on SaralStocks and wish to share your Watchlist/Watchlist notes with them, click on icon above your username top-right of screen of application --> then click on Settings --> go to 'Show Watchlist to Connections' and enable one/both of the fields by sliding buttons to the right.
Research stocks with price movements, volume trends, % of price/volume, etc. To add advanced criteria for stocks, click 'Add' near the bottom - you can now further include parameters such as MACD. You can view 'Chart' and/or 'Report' by clicking relevant buttons. When you find a stock of interest, add to Watchlist. Please note that each combination of conditions can be assigned a Label by putting one in 'Save Research as' box and then clicking 'Save Research' at bottom. The saved Label will then appear in the dropdown box 'Saved Research' at the top. The saved Label can be modified per your requirements and saved again as same/different Label.
Add alerts for Portfolio stocks, Wathclist stocks or Cash available to buy more stocks. When cash is at low levels, you are not able to buy when market collapses. High amount of cash implies you are not invested enough in the market. All the alerts that you set will be listed on 'Set Alerts' page under Portfolio/Watchlist/Cash headings. When conditions for alert(s) are met, you see appropriate notification (in red, with a bell sign) against the stock (in Portfolio/Watchlist tab), or Cash.
If you wish to receive daily emails end-of-day based on your research criteria (Labels assigned in 'Research' tab), click on icon above your username top-right of screen of application --> then click on Settings --> go to 'Daily Email Reports' and enable report(s) by sliding buttons to the right for respective Labels.
Click on icon above your username top-right of screen of application --> 'Share' --> you see a 'Link' and 'Message' boxes, copy content of either and send to your client/friend to use for creating her login credentials. Depending on number of users you brought onboard, both you and the paying users enjoy a discount on Monthly fee (applicable after 2-month Free Trial) To see how to share your Watchlist with users you referred, please read SAMPLE WATCHLIST.